At sherpa63 we are all about helping businesses drive success and improve performance.  This can be as simple as helping you shape all your great ideas in to a clear Strategy and a coherent Business Plan.  Alternatively it may involve deeper work, looking at ways to improve your Business Processes, Strategic Marketing or Product Portfolio.

If you want to get into the technicalities of developing a Quality Management programme, work on Regulatory Compliance/Sustainability or look at the specifics of how to improve Yacht Painting outcomes, you can come to sherpa63 to get practical help, support and know-how to move your performance to the next level.  With over 25 years of experience working in the Superyacht Industry, and with our network of associates, sherpa63 is well positioned to work with you to help you shape a better future for your business.

It used to be said that you can't buy experience...well now you can!  Get in touch to arrange a consultation to see how we can help you make your business better.

Strategic Development

You don't do this every day, but when you do, you can draw on sherpa63 expertise to help you  optimise your outlook:

  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Insight
  • Defining your Vision
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Business Planning



Working Flat out? You can use sherpa63 to get done some of those things that you never have any time for:

  • Business Projects
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Expansion/ Aquisition
  • Re-Structuring
  • Certification/Compliance

Performance Improvement

If the only constant is change, the  business that adapts the quickest is most likely to succeed.  Is your enterprise due for an upgrade?

  • Process Improvement
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Skills Development
  • Customer Interaction


Policy Assistance

Creating a sustainability policy can be daunting, but our latest offering will help you create and monitor a policy for you

  • Benchmark Assessment 
  • Policy Development 
  • Implementation Planning
  • Continual Evaluation

some of our work projects

Past, Present & Future

Getting involved in a wide variety of projects makes it hard to distill it all down into a simple 'this is what we do' that can be quickly communicated.

Here are some examples of the different benefits sherpa63 is bringing to our clients to consider as you find ways to keep making your business better.


Getting business in the Superyacht Market can be difficult for new entrants because of the nature of this industry. 

We are helping clients achieve success.


Getting this right is the difference between having a powerful tool to drive sales or just an expensive consumption of time.

We have two current implementations.


However good a product or service is today, in the future something more will be needed.  We have worked effectively to reduce time-to-market and drive clarity of purpose into development projects.


As you grow, you must change internally to support  growth - or lose competitiveness.

sherpa63 is working on finding clients' more  time to better serve their customers


Increasing understanding of the market and identifying emerging trends has been a key element of the shepa63 strategic development process..


Providing you with tools and expertise to bridge the gap between sustainablity Policy and Impact.